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What does a District Judge Do?

District Judges for the State of Montana oversee:

  • Felony cases involving the State of Montana and accused.

  • Civil Cases between two or more parties, personal injury, contract or business disputes, custody/parenting disputes, divorce hearings, Youth in Need of Care matters, real property issues and other tort cases.

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Why is Tim the Right Choice for District Court Judge?

  • Tim has a strong work ethic and is dedicated to justice and our community.

  • Tim has nearly 20 years of  experience handling a wide range of cases.

  • Tim has spent his career in the courts representing individuals and local businesses.

  • Tim has participated as an active member of the Family Drug Court Program since it was formed over 14 years ago.

  • As a Guardian ad Litem Tim has represented the best interests for youth in our community.

  • Through his work he has developed the experience and knowledge to address the impact drugs have on our community.

  • Tim has been described as down to earth, understands and cares about people, has compassion and would be fair to all.

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